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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cult of Isis

A mysterious woman named Goldie Blair arrives in Parker City. She moves into a log cabin on a remote street surrounded by forest. Local residents slowly become aware of her existence, wondering what could have brought her to their quiet town. Speculation runs rampant. Housewives gossip relentlessly. Their husbands cast furtive, wistful, admiring glances in Goldie's direction whenever possible, almost as if the phantasm of an alternate life path - the path not taken - is beckoning their senses. The thin veneer of civility amongst the inhabitants of Parker City begins to disintegrate. Sister Tanya of the Young Ladies' Catholic Academy knows she must act quickly in order to protect both the family values and the moral fabric of her community. She pays Goldie a visit. Someone should have warned her not to drink the water. The nun politely accepts a beverage from her hostess, blithely unaware that Goldie has cast a powerful spell upon it. Magical, glimmering particles cascade down Sister Tanya's throat as she sits atop a living room couch and takes her first sip of the fluid. Conversation commences but the nun feels increasingly lightheaded and disoriented. A treacherous tableau unfolds inside of her mind. Naked women dance in a woodland setting, spreading their legs with wild abandon as contrails of mist encircle and then release them. Through the haze Sister Tanya becomes more and more excited, gradually realizing that Goldie is licking her asshole. She musters all her strength to clear the fog from her head and push Goldie away from her. The seductress laughs. "I am a disciple for the Cult of Isis." Goldie declares with relish. "We bring converts into our religion by forcing them to orgasm against their wills." Goosebumps cover Sister Tanya's exposed body from head to toe. She shakes with a combination of terror and rage, determined to defend her virginity, the Catholic faith, and her hometown by utilizing any means necessary.. 

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sick Planet - Part 2

In the aftermath of a sinful debacle Virtue (played by Tanya Danielle) pilots her amphibious aircraft to far-flung reaches of assigned territory. She now regards Earth as a sick, depraved planet whose corrupting influence has both wrought havoc on her sensibilities and sullied her family's name for generations to come. The compass spins. Moscow, Nairobi, Hadrian's Wall, Havana, the Strait of Gibraltar, Ordos, Mt. Vesuvius, Sydney, La Paz, Port Au Prince, the Pyrenees Mountains appear in the plane's rear view mirror and then vanish. Gradually a new consciousness arises within the superheroine. She halts her current mission and seeks respite in an American steel town, checking into the first motel that she sees. Headlights illuminate the interior of her dingy room each time a car exits the nearby interstate and motors off into the night. She thinks, thinks, thinks. Only a red satin cape and thigh-high leather boots shield her curvaceous form from the accumulation of human detritus on the bedspread where she is lying. "These Earthlings won't last much longer." Virtue finally says aloud. "They will exterminate themselves by 2045. Anything I do here will be lost among the ruins of their former society." With a grim smile she pulls a giant rubber dildo from her boot, hops to her feet, and affixes the phallic device to a wooden table. She will seduce her nephew, Wonderboy, with the wildest masturbation show that he has ever seen! Even if intergalactic investigators decide to examine the premises they will have little success trying to separate her and Wonderboy's fluid samples from the thousands of others already in the room..

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sick Planet - Part 1

Wonderboy ejaculates a huge load all over the rickety table. He stares at his Aunt Virtue in shocked disbelief as the afterglow from their mutual orgasms quickly fades into oblivion. A naked lightbulb in the dim room flickers off and on, emphasizing both the instability of their circumstances and the uncertainty of the future. "Wonderboy, untie me!" Virtue commands her nephew. He gazes at her glistening, disrobed form, unable or unwilling to compose himself and release her from bondage. Still semi-erect, his cock bobs up and down in rhythm with his heavy, ragged breathing. "Chris!" Virtue screams at him, hoping her use of his Earthling name will jerk him back to reality. Only his cock responds. Virtue watches with a mixture of horror and fascination as it becomes rock solid once again and a drop of pre-cum spills from the head of it. With renewed vigor the stunning, blonde superheroine struggles against her ropes. Will she escape this sordid predicament? Or will her nephew inflict yet another lust-filled frenzy of incestuous sin upon her body??

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Monday, January 20, 2014

Deep Blue Good-by

Tanya Hamilton (played by Tanya Danielle) tries to keep her emotions at bay but the tremulous anger resurfaces over and over, slowly lapping away at her resolve. Finally she confronts the teacher who gave her daughter a bad grade and demands an explanation. "Alice purposely misinterpreted the assignment." social studies instructor Ms. Blair (played by Goldie Blair) discloses. "I requested that she write about tolerance and she submitted a paper which outlines every facet of her moral opposition to gay marriage. In the last paragraph she expresses gratitude for her inclusion in an academic environment where those who pursue deviant homosexual lifestyles still have to tolerate her viewpoint." Mrs. Hamilton absorbs this information. "Was my daughter implying that there are homosexuals attending Parker City High School?" she asks after a minute. "I just need their names. My connections in the Parent Teacher Association will have them removed immediately!" Ms. Blair glares at her. "In order for them to get the help that they need." the housewife adds hastily. Smoldering tentacles of rage rise from Ms. Blair's toes to her loins and then explode out of her eye sockets. She grabs Mrs. Hamilton by the neck, locks her in a kiss, and launches a sexual attack worthy of 10,000 love-starved sailors. "Evidently you and your daughter need to improve your functional understanding of homosexuality." Ms. Blair says with venom dripping from her tongue. Mrs. Hamilton stares into the deep, blue eyes of her assailant, almost completely submerged in the hate-filled tide of sexual desire which threatens to consume her entire being..

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

1984 - Aerobicise!

Floating camera angles, spandex leotards, lively yet unobtrusive music expand your senses. Enraptured, you stare at Bess Motta, Arlaine Wright, and Holly Butler as they guide you through a superbly effective workout. You rise at 5am each morning to sit on your couch and observe the obvious benefits of their daily exercise. Glowing with good health they twist, bend, pulse, flex, and smile at you with dazzling, white teeth, beaming through your smoke-filled living room like beacons of light. And then they vanish. The TV set goes dark. You start having your first cigarette of the day on the front porch and the habit persists for the next 30 years. Shortly before the advent of 2014 you catch a snippet of an exercise video on the Internet. A ray of light slices through the fog that you never realized was encompassing your existence until now. The blonde host beckons you inward. Does she have her own show? Is this the dawn of another aerobics era of magnificence? 

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Catholic Discipline

In the wake of a shocking scandal Sister Tanya's immediate superiors have reassigned her to a parish in California. The disgraced nun knows that she must refrain from any of the questionable behavior which had precipitated her transfer. She begins working at a local school and quickly discovers that no amount of inner resolve can inure her to the charms of scholarly sexpot Emily Addison. The full-lipped, full-breasted beauty possesses a brilliant mind and a subversive nature. Sister Tanya makes it a point to avoid any type of confrontation with this tempting but difficult pupil. She ignores all of Emily's antics until the relentless troublemaker submits an essay declaring support for the lesbian lifestyle. Sister Tanya awards it the grade of "F". The following day Emily comes flying into the teachers' lounge where she and the nun become embroiled in a very heated exchange. Soon the fight turns physical and Emily seizes the upper hand. School security cameras capture Emily spanking her teacher's bare ass and then forcing the nun to masturbate herself to orgasm. As the debauchery winds down Sister Tanya lies panting on the floor, hoping against hope that the Catholic bureaucracy will not have to relocate her yet again..

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Layla Rivera Bound

Her offhand, sometimes flighty manner initially deludes people into thinking that Layla Rivera lacks the wherewithal to handle her business. In reality, the cunning CEO uses this casual approach to both trick her adversaries and test her employees. Five years working under Ms. Rivera have taught you that brilliant, hard-driving people have little need to flaunt their capabilities or to reveal any of the personal underpinnings of their success. Prosperity speaks volumes all by itself. On the eve of the company's IPO your boss asks you to meet her inside one of the lounge areas on the twentieth floor of the building. You stifle your surprised reaction when she greets you warmly and then locks the door to the room with her beautiful, well-manicured hands. After several long beats of silence she informs you that she wants to play a game, a secret game that you cannot reveal to anybody. Soon you are gagging Ms. Rivera and binding her tightly with white rope. Once you have bound her wrists together she begins to mesmerize you with the palms of her hands and the motions of her wiggling fingers. Clearly Ms. Rivera has mastered an ancient art of seduction in which the supple, perfectly formed hands of a woman become the ultimate erogenous zone for both the enchantress and the viewer..

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